The Last LAF

All Good Things Must Come to an End This is the most difficult post I've had to write and coincidentally, it will also be my last. Today marks a day I was never convinced would come. Today, LAFS is two years old. It has been an incredible two years, absolutely incredible filled with more excitement, laughter, awe and humility than I could have ever dreamed. However, today is bittersweet, because today is Read More

INTERVIEW: Charna Halpern

The Mother of Improv Comedy I first fell in love with improv at iO's Clark Street location. iO changed my life, but my story is not unlike many others. Charna created a world at iO that many call "home" and it has become the center of their universe. Charna Halpern is one of the most influential people in improv, has paved the path for hundreds of comedians over the last few Read More

INTERVIEW: Matt Besser

Focus on the Game. Matt Besser is one of the founding members of Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB). UCB started as a Chicago-based improv team composed of Besser, Ian Roberts, Matt Walsh and Amy Poehler and has transformed into a well-known comedy establishment in New York City and Los Angeles. These folks not only formed UCB but Besser, Roberts, Walsh and friends regularly perform together as ASSSSCAT. ASSSSCAT will be performing, with a Read More

INTERVIEW: Dan Bakkedahl

Just make a choice. Dan Bakkedahl has made his mark on Chicago's comedy scene. Coming up in the late 90s and early 2000s, Dan spent a lot of time at iO and Second City. Since his departure, you may have seen him on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Community, Veep, Legit or a number of other television appearances. He was also in The Heat with Sandra Bullock and Melissa Read More

INTERVIEW: Carisa Barreca

Do everything, because you’re going to need all of it. I am declaring Carisa Barreca Second City's sweetheart. One of the most beautiful, talented, kind and humble ladies I have ever met, Carisa has a heart of gold and nothing but good intentions. With a lifetime of performance background, she can do just about anything you throw at her. I was so lucky to be able to sit down with Read More

INTERVIEW: Scott Adsit and John Lutz

Hitting Your Mark in Hollywood Thanks to Aren Zolninger from Chicago Improv Productions, I was able to sneak in a few minutes to interview Scott Adsit and John Lutz before they took the stage for their "Super Secret" midnight show at Stage 773. As we were waiting for the show ahead of us to clear out, Scott, John and I stepped into a back hallway with CIP staff and a Read More


If you’re not listening, you’re going to miss the joke. After months of trying to nail down both of our schedules after Tim left Second City's Mainstage, I was finally able to meet up with him to talk life and comedy. I had the pleasure of meeting Tim last Fall at Jimmy Carrane's Improv Nerd and for obvious reasons, I was dead set on interviewing him. Tim is extremely passionate Read More

INTERVIEW: Ted Tremper

Just love what you love and let that be the work that you do. It was a true pleasure interviewing Ted, as I have an incredible amount of respect for him as a person, performer and filmmaker. He's so talented and is such a genuinely kind human being. We met at iO on a late November morning and, truth be told, divulged a great deal of personal details, some of which Read More

INTERVIEW: TJ Jagodowski

I am truly the luckiest person I know. TJ Jagodowski is not only one of the most brilliant improvisers I have ever seen, he's also one of the nicest guys I've ever met. I've bumped into TJ a number of times around iO, but it wasn't until the end of October where I had the pleasure of taking a class taught by him. This man is a poet and every Read More

INTERVIEW: Jet Eveleth

Dream big and then do it. I met Jet at her apartment where she lives with her improviser beau, Brett Elam and his sister Erica. We chatted about where her name came from, some of life’s big questions, drinking sake before bed to live longer and then she told me the details of the secret she’s been keeping from everyone for the last two years… Alright Jet, the first thing I Read More

INTERVIEW: Jeff Griggs

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It took a little while to get over the fear of if I’d actually be funny.

Jeff Griggs

My first day of level 4 at iO, I was supposed to have Bill Arnett. However, Bill was unable to make our first class and to our pleasant surprise, Mr. Jeff Griggs had stepped in to teach instead. I whipped up a few questions for Jeff and asked if he would mind sparing a few minutes to chat with me after class. Not only is he a talented improviser and excellent teacher, he is an incredibly kind person with a closer relationship and personal account to Del that could only be second to Charna. I came to discover that he was from the same small town my dad’s family is from in southern Illinois and while we have opposing favorite sports teams, we do share one same passion: improv.

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INTERVIEW: Colleen Doyle

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I think everybody is funny, with notable exceptions.

Colleen Doyle

Colleen Doyle is one of the most respected comedians in the industry. She has been all over the world performing and writing and is insanely humble about all of it. I was fortunate enough to have her as a teacher at iO and she was kind enough to meet me before class one day to sit down and share her thoughts on the bravery of improvisers, how she happened to fall into this world, where she hopes to go next and my sweatshirt dress.

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INTERVIEW: Ayala Skopp

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I’ve always been a bit of a comedy pervert.

Ayala SkoppThe first day I met Ayala, I was amazed. We both started classes at iO together and from day one, I was intimidated out of my mind. I came home and told my boyfriend about her and said, “She will be on SNL someday.” Now, I hope I’m not cursing her by saying that, but I really do believe it. Ayala is hilarious and fearless and I was more than eager to get down her story and share it with all of you. Now, I know Ayala quite well and I love her dearly, so I hope for your sake, someday you have the privilege of getting to know her a bit better too. Ladies and gentlemen, Ayala Skopp.

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INTERVIEW: Damian Jason White

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“I’d say my go-to is that I play women a lot. Sassy women.”

Damian Jason White

Damian is one of the first people I met in the improv community. We met because he worked in the box office on the day I had class and then I ended up working with him. He introduced me to Poor Choices Podcast, GURU, The Upstairs Gallery and dozens of shows that I “needed” to see in Chicago. I owe a lot to Damian, so I was happy to ask him to be my first interviewee.

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