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The Improvised Shakespeare Company

Improvised Shakespeare CompanyThey’ve done it again, as they do every Friday night.

I saw The Improvised Shakespeare Company last night at iO and the night led off with the suggestion of “Funky Monkey.” I watched as the story began with a shipwrecked crew getting washed ashore and the Captain and his daughter end up meeting Abraxas, a creature on the island who was under the obedience of the master, Megaphon. Meanwhile, lost men, Antonio and Rodrigo, find one another and together search for Rodrigo’s long lost love, Gwendolyn, who happens to be the Captain’s daughter. A tricky creature Storio appears throughout the show flinging poo wherever he goes and transforming into various characters and causing mischief. As their journey continues to connect the Captain with Megaphon and for Rodrigo and Gwendolyn to find one another, Rodrigo and Antonio end up kissing and “hugging like bugs,” a centaur ends up entering the story and fires roar on stage.

When the Captain and Megaphon are finally introduced, they realize that Megaphon is Gwendolyn’s true father and before the Captain is sent away Megaphon uses his magic to unveil that the Captain is actually Megaphon’s wife. The story is further illustrated by Abraxas’ song about the story of Megaphon and the Captain who turned into his wife. Meanwhile, the centaur turns into a pegasus and Antonio flies away on it. Rodrigo and Gwendolyn find one another and he meets both of her parents. The story comes to an end as Abraxas delights us with yet another song as he starts to break down into a funk rhythm about how this story was told from the funky monkey.

Amazing. Thank you Ross Bryant for your songs as Abraxas. Thank you Joe Burton for your beautiful British centaur and your lovely Gwendolyn. Thank you Blaine Swen for your gifts as Megaphon.

Once again, brilliant.

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