REVIEW: Thirsty @ The Apollo Theatre

Improvised Comedy & Drinking = Win.

Thirsty_SittingLadies and gents, there are a number of wonderful theatres and venues to tickle your fancy and make you giggle on any night of the week in this wonderful city. However, I would like to inform you of one that I have recently discovered and I highly encourage every single one of you to buy your tickets now and saddle up for a great night. I present “Thirsty” at the Apollo Theatre.

Every Friday and Saturday night at 10:30, a dashing group of improvisers brings their 24 pack of cheap beer on stage and prepares for whatever might be coming their way. Neil O’Callaghan hosts the show and takes a number of suggestions from the audience. You might volunteer to spin the “Wheel of Drinking Games” and play flip cup, drink a social or play beer pong with one of the cast. You might have a scene improvised based off of your text messages. You might witness cast members purposely intoxicating their team members for pure amusement. You will hear a song of some kind. You will witness so many drank beers, so many whiskey shots and you will have so many laughs.

Thirsty_StandingThirsty has been running for five seasons and has a different cast on both Friday and Saturday nights. Tickets are $15 ($10 if you’re a student) and the Apollo Theatre is on Lincoln Avenue, just south of Wrightwood in Lincoln Park. Do yourself a favor and go see this show. It’s just downright dirty fun.

Friday’s Cast (aka “The Hard Lickers”): John Pantlind, Steve Persch, Annie Donley, Drew Kearse and Caleb George. Saturday’s Cast (aka “Frisky on the Rocks”): Katie Dufresne, Eric Muller, Rebecca Slack, Rob Speer, Ryan Williams and Neil O’Callaghan. 

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