REVIEW: The Chicago Dating Scene @ The Public House Theatre

Filled with heart and laughter.

The Chicago Dating SceneThe Chicago Dating Scene is a sketch comedy show about dating in Chicago. Go figure. This show is based on the real life dating experiences of the cast. Some have been exaggerated and, unfortunately, some have not. The show switches off between group sketches and individual monologues and by the end of the show, each cast member has shared a true dating story. Some are sad. Some are happy. All of them are relatable.

This show touches on all kinds of relationships. Ranging from prehistoric to Victorian to modern day, young love to mature marriage and general friendship are all included in this comedic lovefest.

Let’s take just a moment to first revisit the dating cycle. Dating usually ends in one of two ways: breaking up or marriage. Since most of our relationships end by breaking up, there are a number of clever ways we have discovered to deal with said break ups. There’s the initial aftershock where your inner 16 year-old-N’SYNC-obsessed-overdramatic-teeny-bopper-self comes out and handles everything as if it’s the end of the world. Then there’s the recruitment of friends to over-validate all of our feelings and encourage us to start hooking up with other people. Of course, since they’re your friends, they’re always right, so you start dating again. Then there’s the slew of awkward first dates, awkward second dates and eventually “under the sheets dancing.” Also usually awkward.

If you’re like the cast, you may have experienced jealousy, Brazilian waxes and developed a personal relationship with your local Grub Hub deliveryman throughout this dating process. However, at some point, you take a step back and start to realize what makes you happy and that’s usually when things start to fall back into place, you stop eating your emotions and you dust off that self-confidence you lost a few months ago.

Ladies and gentlemen, put up on stage in a series of brief skits and monologues, that is The Chicago Dating Scene. It’s nothing new, we’ve all done it, but these six individuals are brave enough (and funny enough) to put up this show filled with heart, laughter and a little bit of sadness for us to enjoy. It goes without further saying that I loved this show and highly recommend it.

A big thank you Cassie, Brittany, Case, Andy, Sara and Jeff for opening up their hearts and making comedy out of all their truths.

For those who know the dating scene all too well, I recommend you go check out this show. It plays at 8:00pm at The Public House Theater on Thursdays until October 24th.

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