REVIEW: Switch Committee @ Donny’s Skybox

The Next Cook County Social Club

Switch CommitteeSwitch Committee is my greatest find in the Chicago comedy community in the last two years. I’m thrilled these guys are in the middle of a run at iO because that means many more chances to see them play again. This team is dynamite, fearless and a blazing hot commodity. I would watch these guys every night if I could. Absolutely one of, if not the, best, most consistent long-form improv team out there right now.

They have strong initiations and great listening and agreement. Their commitment to risky, physical choices is a true breath of fresh air. There was never a dull moment with these guys. I was sold after their opening scene where they showed up as a basketball team who all took melatonin shots before the game and ultimately ended up literally draping their bodies over one another and melting to the ground. Call me a sucker for physical comedy, but it’s true – I am. In another example of strong physicality, Ryan Nallen literally carried the brunt of a lot of the show as he hoisted Collin and Alan up on his shoulders chicken fight style for a good 10 minutes straight.

Their transitions were seamless and felt like a unified, living breathing organism. They never faltered. They never stumbled. They never stopped breathing and they were always breathing heavy. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what their form is, but they did a beautiful job of weaving their show back through their opening scene, almost how one might stitch. They threaded their needle, sewed together multiple scenes and came right back through to tie it up and lock it in place. They leave it all out on the stage. Seriously, they’re great.

Watch out ladies and gentlemen, these guys just might be the next Cook County Social Club. That’s right, I said it. Unlike Cook County, but lucky for you, they have a ton of upcoming shows, including a run at iO on Thursday nights at 8pm. So go see for yourselves, you can thank me later. You can also keep up with them on Facebook.

Switch Committee is Collin Dahlgren, Dave Karasik, Alan Linic, Ryan Nallen and David Schwartzbaun.

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