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Opportunity RocksOpportunity Rocks is a satirical look on the backhanded stereotypes that fuel America and its promises of “opportunity.” Greg Ott and Bryan Duff have skillfully crafted a smart, informative and introspective show that I recommend for anyone interested in a thoughtful challenge and earned laugh.

Ott and Duff open the show by addressing the audience and informing us of all the reverse “opportunities” America provides. They explored issues of equality, race, unemployment, animal rights, social media, free speech and raising children. They say what we’re all thinking and they say what we try to avoid thinking about. They throw out a number of heavy-hitting issues and back up each with informed commentary and thought-provoking insights and questions.

One line regarding the ability to freely post to social media compared the backlash of posting something that speaks against the general majority to that of stifling voices in the Holocaust. Another line reminds us that, “in America, you can be whoever you want to be” which was followed by, “Hi, I’m Bryan Duff and I dropped out of grad school” to which “You should be someone else” was the response. They also speak about the idea of hope and future potential gains and sum it up with the statement, “promises of hope are better than mild successes.” Not the most uplifting, but that’s clearly not the intention of this show – it’s truthful and they nailed it on the head.

Now this isn’t a show focused on highlighting negativity – it’s satire. But they do come full circle by stating that they both realize how lucky they are. They have friends, phones, credit cards that they can afford to pay off, employment and supportive families. Duff stated, “The only thing I’m worried about is being funny enough to do what I want.” As fortunate as they are, they encouraged taking risks to pursue greater things and taking advantage of opportunity to really live life.

Ott and Duff seamlessly bounce back and forth between characters, providing a glimpse at the full range of acting talent these two have. They move quickly through the show and tie it up with some good ole’ fashioned Chicago improv. After taking an audience suggestion and incorporating it into their last sketch, Ott and Duff pull off an entirely unexpected and wonderfully delightful ending to their show. I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but trust me, you’ll never see it coming.

Ott and Duff are brilliant, conversational writers and calm and convincing on stage as well. This is the second show I’ve seen with Greg Ott and he has continued to impress me. If you’re looking for a ticket to entertain and get you thinking, go see Opportunity Rocks at The Public House Theatre before you miss…your opportunity.

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