REVIEW: One, Two, Many @ Studio BE

Brilliant Multiplicity.

One, Two, ManyOne, Two, Many leaves everything to chance and nothing untapped by the imagination. This two-man sketch show is smart, physical, original and always surprising. Alan Linic and Adam Archer pour their souls into this production with such grace and humility it’ll leave you wanting to come back again.

There is no opening to this show. You have about 15 seconds before a bank robbery involving over half a dozen individuals goes down and every character is played by Linic and Archer. Each scene transition is seamless, unexpected and perfectly timed. You never feel that a scene has overextended its welcome, but instead find yourself eager to see how one stride, glance or kiss silently transforms into a completely unexpected new world. From a far-fetched tower-imprisoned princess, to our favorite holiday crooks, to over-prescriptive medical facilitators, each choreographed step is taken with intention and executed with the utmost commitment.

Every moment is relatable and three degrees deeper than you might expect. While this is a comedy show, comedy’s strongest foundation is truth. The truth serum this show bleeds reaches some of the outermost edges of our lives, reminding us how sometimes we do need to have a talk with that face in the mirror. Stand up for ourselves against our inner insecurities. Find the words of honesty that are sometimes too difficult to speak aloud but ultimately shatter the glass that surrounds our brightest light. Rectify our personal abandonment and in the end find the strength and bravery to do the things we want. Sometimes it’s asking for help. Sometimes it’s asking a girl out. Sometimes it’s asking for a sandwich. However, ultimately, it’s harnessing all the voices and multiple personalities that roam throughout our bodies and figuring out how that translates in the idiosyncratic people we are today.

This show is brilliant. It dragged me through a gamut of interpersonal conflicts, whole-hearted laughter, heavy-hearted empathy and left me feeling satisfied and complete. The tech support on this show should also be recognized. Congratulations to Alan Giles, Technical Director, and Jim Pharr, Composer/Sound Engineer, on a job well-executed. Nate Sherman’s attention to detail and fluidity as a director is evident in every moment of this production. I had high expectations for this show when I walked in and not only were they met, they were exceeded. One, Two, Many is one of the most intellectually challenging displays of comedy I’ve ever seen.

Do yourself a favor and go see this show. It’s a pure entertainment delight.

One, Two, Many is playing at 8:00pm at Studio BE on Friday nights until November 29th.
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