REVIEW: OJ Didn’t Do It: What Really Happened @ The Public House Theatre

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OJ Didn't Do ItOJ Didn’t Do It” was one of the most enjoyable hours I’ve had in the last few weeks. This show was set for success from the moment Joe Avella and Greg Ott decided to write the script. With the assistance of great casting, this show not only was educational and purely factual it was also entertaining.

Did you guys know that Colonel Mustard was there the night Nicole Brown Simpson and her lover, Ronald Goldman, were killed? Well he was – Joe and Greg said so. For those of you familiar with the location of The Public House Theatre, you’ll enjoy the reference to lackluster success by putting up shows with “no-name actors in a theater across from a graveyard.” That was a personal favorite. Joe and Greg found a way to script in overtly offensive remarks within certain characters that made it feel like they were appropriate things to say, which I found to be a very fun game. Comments such as “he’s a better tipper than most black athletes” and “prostituting lawyer” were just a couple that tickled my fancy.

With the script leading the way for success, the cast already had a beautiful shell to slip into to discover their characters. Which they all did beautifully. I can’t get over Colonel Mustard. I loved the racist detective. But I could not get enough of Annie Donley as Marcia Clark, the prosecuting/prostituting lawyer. I can’t think of anyone better to play this role and every single facial expression and line of dialogue had me roaring. If for no other reason, go see this show just to watch Annie. She kills it.

Overall, “OJ Didn’t Do It” is a very smart, witty, well-written and well-directed show. They use every inch of the space in creative ways. The cast is so natural in each of their roles. There was strong intention behind every word and every action. “OJ Didn’t Do It” is a dark and surprising murder mystery satire and breaks the mold of the average comedy show. It’s weird to say, but I left feeling very satisfied. There was nothing more I could have asked for from this production. A round of applause to all involved.

They only have two shows left: Friday October 25th and Thursday, October 31st at The Public House Theatre at 8pm. Don’t miss it.

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