REVIEW: Manny Mora @ Donny’s Skybox

Very Funny Ladies

Manny MoraThe lovely ladies of Manny Mora invited me to check out their show last week at Donny’s Skybox. These ladies are simply hilarious and it’s so refreshing to see females lash out in comedy and make it work. Work it ladies.

For some unfortunate reason, I feel it’s very hard to find a large female group of improvisers who are downright smart, fun and ballsy. These ladies run eight deep and bring a great sense of honest humor to the stage and I like it. They begin by creating a scene or object and share real stories about their lives inspired what others are saying. One my favorite comments was that America’s Funniest Home Videos was like the original YouTube and one player’s confessions about not realizing that Bob Saget was the voiceover for all the videos, when she always thought it was the dad’s voices from the videos. The ladies unleased stories and scenes about greek life, starting bar fights, Irish lovers, gold digging and The Charleston.

I can’t wait for Manny Mora to have another run soon, they are a blast to watch and arguably the ballsiest group of ladies I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing. However, you do all have one more chance to see this Manny Mora and Switch Committee play again, this coming Friday, June 21st at Donny’s Skybox at The Second City at 10:30pm. Don’t miss it.

Manny Mora is Eunji Kim, Elizabeth Kirkwood, Lindsey Mallard, Neha Mehta, Kristin Ramsey, Marissa Rhines, MJ Price and Amelia Zukowski.

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