REVIEW: Mannerhouse Manor @ Chicago Improv Festival

Manners Served Chicago on A Silver Platter

Mannerhouse ManorResiding in Los Angeles, Mannerhouse Manor graced Chicagoans with their presence last weekend at the Chicago Improv Festival. Dressed to the nines, this team wasn’t chancing anything with a first impression. Their commitment to character and the attention to detail was proof enough as to how serious they take this show and it was fun and refreshing to see an improv show approached with such a noble demeanor.

Even their attention to detail for asking for a suggestion was spot on. The first suggestion of a goal or action for a character to do or work towards was pulled from a teapot and the second suggestion of a headline from a newspaper years ago to that day was pulled from a silver platter. The show opened with such a dramatic feel, it felt as if I was watching a live improvised soap opera. The show began with a maid mentioning how she’s never been good at anything else besides being a maid to Lady Vivian. After listing out all of the things she’d attempted to do, including cameo modeling, it was determined that this career path was her fate. Another story line picks up with a suitor in search of a wife. He fancies Lady Vivian, but she doesn’t seem to pay him any attention, yet Lady Cynthia is ready to tie the knot quite quickly, as her ripe age of 18 is quickly passing. The third plot line develops as Mr. Manor, the owner of Mannerhouse Manor, and his son, Nathaniel, discuss how Nathaniel is lacking the qualifications needed to run the manor someday. Nathaniel discovers that he would rather perform and begins reciting Aesop’s Fable about “The Raven.”

As the show continues, relations between Lady Cynthia and the suitor heat up. Both maids begin applying to become a secretary. Nathaniel and the butler create their own fable called “The Kangaroo and The Bird.” As the show wraps up, Mr. Manor and Nathaniel end up reciting “The Kangaroo and The Bird” together in a very special father and son bonding moment.

I can only imagine the type of crowds this show draws in Los Angeles, because in Chicago, it was standing room only. If you’re looking to take a step out of your daily routine and maybe venture into an old British estate, look no further than Mannerhouse Manor. It was absolutely my cup of tea.

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