REVIEW: Lanyard Skynerd @ Martyrs

A Gritty Southern Rock Musical Parody

Lanyard SkynerdT.J. Shanoff is one half of the writing brilliance behind “Lanyard Skynerd” and he’ll be the first to tell you that this show isn’t for everyone. However, I would argue that there is something for everyone. If you are easily offended, you’d be better off at a more family-friendly show at ComedySportz. But, if you don’t mind a show where everyone gets offended, then saddle up cowboy and ride your pony into Martyr’s next Monday night and you will get exactly what you’re asking for.

Lanyard Skynerd is a southern-rock musical parody about a cover band that is getting back together for this one-night reunion show. Throughout this performance they take the audience with them as they travel back through some of their best hits. Now, their best hits might sound an awful lot like some of your favorite rock ‘n roll hits, but the words seem to have been changed to something ludicrous and incredibly politically incorrect. That would be about right. The parodies they wrote were to correspond with the corporate gigs they had performed at in the past. Insert upbeat rock rhythms and melodies with inappropriate lyrics about incest, retirement homes, homosexuality, racism and so much more.

Don’t get me wrong, this show is no joke; the cast and the full band that takes over the stage are insanely talented. This is the equivalent of a full-fledged rock and roll concert; it’s just not suitable for your grandmother or overly conservative friends or relatives. I’d say the target audience for this show is probably 35-50 year old, left-winged men who love old school rock and roll. It’s a foot-stomping, head-bobbing, laugh out loud rock and roll comedy. The talented T.J. Shanoff, Ed Furman and Mick Napier have done exactly what they sought out to do: entertain and electrocute your shock factor. Success.

Lanyard Skynerd is playing at Martyr’s on Lincoln, Monday nights until October 28th at 7:30pm. You can purchase tickets here.

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