REVIEW: Holy F*ck Comedy Hour @ Chicago Improv Festival

HFCH_2Opening night of CIF was at The Annoyance Theatre. The first show of the evening was Holy Fuck Comedy Hour, which regularly performs at The Annoyance Fridays at midnight. Monday night’s opening performance went a little something like this:

HFCH_1Gary Richardson opened the show as a lawyer who lost pizzas and was clearly more focused on finding them then settling the 6 million dollar will with his clients who were patiently sitting in his office. It was a fun game that he created and pretty much played solo. Emily Anderson and John Reynolds played a 9 year old child in a toy store run by a 37 year old man, neither of which could do basic algebra. They also revealed they were both on the math team at one point in time and Reynolds mentioned that his math team was called the Football Team, which was a great line that, thankfully, the team played with throughout the rest of the show. There was an awkward and detail-riddled monologue delivered about getting high on cocaine laced with PCP and ending up in jail. I personally loved that Twitter’s Vine app references were made numerous times throughout the show as well. They played with recording porn with Vine and they also acted out a number of, theoretically, six second videos recorded on Vine. All in all, a really fun show and I look forward to attending many more Holy Fuck Comedy Hours in the future.

Nicely done, folks, nicely done.

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