Review Glossary

LAFS_Review Glossary

A CLOWN CAR NAMED DESIRE @The Second City, feat. Carisa Barreca, Brooke Breit, Mike Kosinski, Michael Lehrer, Punam Patel & Chris Witaske

A&R @ iO, feat. Ross Bryant & Andy Carey

ADSIT & EVELETH @ Chicago Improv Festival, feat. Scott Adsit & Jet Eveleth

ALMOST A GENIUS @ The Playground Theater, by Maria Wojciechowski

ANARCHY: AN IMPROVISED ROCK OPERA @ Studio BE, feat. Jean Bonavita, Bri Fitzpatrick, Brad Kemp, Andrew Lund, Matthew Payne, Brandon Price, Byron Roussin, Michael Silver, & Molly Todd

BETTER HALVES @ The Public House Theatre, by Chris Bragg & Ilana Gordon

BLAQUE & BLEAUX @ The Public House Theatre, by Stephen Kropa & Christopher Woosley

CIF SECRET SHOW @ Chicago Improv Festival, feat. Scott Adsit & John Lutz

COOK COUNTY SOCIAL CLUB @ Chicago Improv Festival, by Cook County Social Club

DATING: ADULTS EMBRACING FAILURE @ The Royal George Theatre, by Josh Lanzet & Lindy Voeltner

DATING INCORPORATED @ The Public House Theatre, by Ricky W. Glore

DEAD BROADS YAPPING @ The Public House Theatre, feat. Marie Maloney, Courtney Crary & Caroline Nash

DO YOU WANT A SANDWICH? @ The Playground Theater, by Josh Lanzet

DRAMA @ Chicago Improv Festival, by Drama

FOUR STAR COMEDY FEST @ Navy Pier, by The Chicago School of Comedy

GEORGE LUSK @ Studio Be, by Caleb George & Matt Lusk

HITCH*COCKTAILS @ The Annoyance Theatre, feat. Brit Belsheim, Mel Evans, Caleb George, Mike Norris, C.J. Tuor & Alex Young

HOLD ON TO YOUR BUTTS @ Stage 773, by Shanna’s Mom

HOLY F*CK COMEDY HOUR @ Chicago Improv Festival, by the Holy F*ck Comedy Hour Players

HOME: AN IMPROVISED PLAY @ Chicago Improv Festival, feat. Brett Elam, Erica Elam, Jet Eveleth, Ian Forester & Kristina Johnson

HORATIO SANZ AND THE IMPROV ALL-STARS @ Chicago Improv Festival, feat. Anthony Atamanuik, Matt Besser, Michael Delaney, Horatio Sanz, Betsy Sodaro, & Matt Walsh

IT’S A WONDERFUL PRO-LIFE @ Studio BE, by 4 Days Late

JIMMY JET JOHNNIE @ Chicago Improv Festival, feat. Scott Adsit, Jimmy Carrane, Jet Eveleth & John Hildreth

JET EVELETH & PAUL BRITTAIN @ Chicago Improv Festival, by Jet EVeleth & Paul Brittaiv

KWEENS OF COMEDY @ The Playground Theater, by Middle Child

LANYARD SKYNERD @ Martyr’s, by Ed Furman & T.J. Shanoff

LET THEM EAT CHAOS @ The Second City, feat. Edgar Blackmon, Ross Bryant, Holly Laurent, Tawny Newsome, Katie Rich & Steve Waltien

MANNERHOUSE MANOR @ Chicago Improv Festival, by Mannerhouse Manor

MANNY MORA @ Donny’s Skybox at The Second City, by Manny Mora

MESSING WITH A FRIEND @ Chicago Improv Festival, feat. Susan Messing & Mark Sutton

MORAL HAZARD @ Chemically Imbalanced Comedy, feat. Walt Delaney & Chandler Goodman

MY CHICAGO VALENTINE @ The Public House Theatre, feat. Cassie Ahiers, Case Blackwell, Andy Bolduc, Nicole Carter, Sara Gaare & Anthony Lombard

NUT-CRACKING HOLIDAY REVUE @ The Second City, feat. Neal Dandade, Alex DiGiacinto, Chelsea Devantez, Cate Freedman & Eddie Mujica

OJ DIDN’T DO IT: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED @ The Public House Theatre, feat. Lisa Barber, Time De La Motte, Annie Donley Jaaron Drew, Bryan Duff, Anthony Duran, Greg Ott, & Wink Stone

ONE, TWO, MANY @ Studio BE, feat. Adam Archer & Alan Linic

OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS @ The Public House Theatre, by Bryan Duff & Greg Ott

PAS DE DEUX @ Chemically Imbalanced Comedy, by STephanie Anderson & Peter Kit

SWITCH COMMITTEE @ Donny’s Skybox at The Second City, by Switch Committee

TABLE MANNERS @ The Public House Theatre, by Karly Bergmann, Jenelle Cheyne, Kaitlin Larson, Ellen McMahon, Grace Palmer, Amy Rose, and Elianna Stone

THAT’S WHAT WE SAID @ Donny’s Skybox at The Second City, by Shanna’s Mom

THE CHICAGO DATING SCENE @ The Public House Theatre, feat. Cassie Ahiers, Brittany Birrer, Case Blackwell, Andy Bolduc, Sara Gaare & Jeff Quintana

THE FINAL BALLOON @ The Annoyance Theatre, feat. Kyle Dolan, Annie Donley, Jason Folks, Jeff Murdoch, Irene Marquette, Jimmy Pennington, Lee Russell, Jo Scott, Kellen Terrett & Connor Tillman

THE IMPROVISED SHAKESPEARE COMPANY @ iO, by The Improvised Shakespeare Company

THE LOCKOUT: THE MUSICAL @ The American Theater Company, by Ben Fort & Jason Gallagher

THE TOMKAT PROJECT @ UP Comedy Club, feat. Briana Baker, Julie Dahlinger, Walt Delaney, Kevin Knickerbocker, Brandon Ogborn, Micah Sterenberg & Allison Yolo

THIRSTY @ The Apollo Theatre, feat. Friday’s Ensemble

TIM @ iO, feat. Tim Chidester, Timmy Mayse, Tim Paul, Tim Ryder, Tim Stoltenberg & Tim Mason

TO KILL AN ANGRY BIRD @ Stage 773by Annie Goodson and Willie Opper

TRAINWRECK @ Chicago Improv Festival, by Ed Furman & Dan Bakkedahl

VAMP @ MCL Chicago, by Keenan Camp & Brandon C. Price

YES DIGGITY @ The Playground Theater, feat. Becca Barish, Paul Chimko, Sean Cooley, Mary Catherine Curran, Mark Denny, Harrison George, Kelsey Kinney, Eli Mandel, Tyler Parker, Tanner Tananbaum & Dan White



3PEAT @The Playground Theater, by 3Peat

#SHOW @ Studio BE, by 4 Days Late