REVIEW: Dating: Adults Embracing Failure @ The Royal George Theatre

The Trials & Errors of Romance.

Dating: Adults Embracing FailureWe place a lot of value on romantic relationships, so it always hurts to have them crumble. The simple truth is: not all couples are going to last. Though the thought may be disheartening, Dating: Adults Embracing Failure highlights the moments of hilarity and happiness in all relationships and proves that success is impossible without a little trial and error along the way.


Comedy duo Josh Lanzet and Lindy Voeltner write and star in this fast-paced show that gives glimpses into the lives of couples at different stages of their relationships. Some couples are old, some are young, some have just met, and some have been sharing cashew chicken during their lunch break for years. None of these central couples cover any new ground (well, aside from a pair of dueling mimes), but it’s in the familiarity that the characters – and the show itself – become so real and relatable.

Through blind dates, surprising revelations, bittersweet montages, singing, dancing, and that aforementioned miming, Lanzet and Voeltner run their audience through a whirlwind of romance, both budding and fading. One of their funnier creations is a couple whose first encounter is anything but a “meet-cute.” And while that couple (amusingly) gets revisited later, some pairings only get one blackout-style scene, while others are visited multiple times in a non-linear manner, giving the show a 500 Days of Summer feel.

For the most part, each scene focuses on a different relationship, keeping the show lively. In the show’s second half, we start to revisit these characters and their respective relationships, but it’s not always easy to tell who is who. While not detrimental to one’s enjoyment of the show, this disorientation can mean that each new scene can take a second or two longer to find its footing. The show uses some fantastic transitional music throughout; perhaps using a specific song to introduce (and later reintroduce) each couple would help the audience make the connection to earlier scenes.

With a sparse stage and limited prop use, it’s clear that the focus is on the connections between characters, which spring to life thanks to the chemistry and charisma of Lanzet and Voeltner. The two clearly understand each other and their true strength is in playing to their partner’s strengths. When Lanzet’s neurotic tics take a conversation to weird places, Voeltner wrings a lot of laughs from a simple wide-eyed stare. While the show is scripted and rehearsed, both prove adept at playing to the audience, hamming up certain moments to really bring the house down. Whether or not these two have had experiences similar to the ones seen on stage, each give warm, lived-in performances that lend the show a sweet sincerity.

Though a show about couples may scare away some who see themselves as perpetually single, Dating: Adults Embracing Failure exudes optimism. Taking a chance with someone always means there’s the risk of failure, but you never know unless you try. And you’ll never know what you’re missing out on if you don’t take a chance on this show.

Dating: Adults Embracing Failure plays Friday at The Royal George Theatre at 8pm until August 1st (except July 4th). Tickets are $20 and can be purchased here.

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