REVIEW: Blaque & Bleaux @ The Public House Theatre

A Two-Man Love Affair.

Blaque & BleauxBlaque & Bleaux is a two-man sketch show that explores various relationships throughout time, whether it be historical, digital or cinematic. Stephen Kropa and Christopher Woosley played many roles in competition, wisdom and as unlikely lovers.

I had two favorite scenes. In the opening scene, Kropa plays a dead Juliet and Woosley comes to save her from death. As we all know, per our friend Bill Shakespeare, they each take their own lives in the name of love. As did both of these lovers. About seven times. Once we thought Woosley was gone, Kropa awoke and then took his life, then Woosley awoke and re-took his life and this went on about seven times. It was funny, but I think I would have just capped it at thrice a suicide operating under “third times a charm” mentality. Then we wade through the love battles between Mario and Luigi, Knights at the Round Table and a rehearsed song until we get to my favorite scene of the evening.

Kropa and Woosley put on Irish garb, try on their best Boston accents and crack open a PBR. Then one by one they each start a line of dialogue that sounds vaguely familiar and slowly, but surely, you find yourself start guessing which Ben Affleck or Matt Damon movie references is being made. It was so fun and the audience loved it. Why? My theory is because it was honest and relatable. If you’re looking for audience reaction, give them something they can relate to. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, right on the money. Wicked smaaart.

You can tell these two put in a lot of time and effort into the show. One theme throughout seemed to be killing a joke after it’s already dead and that is very much so a style. It’s not my favorite, but hey, that’s how Jim Carey got so big. I think there’s a lot of potential here, but I would bring a director on board to help tighten things up a bit. Add a few more Damon/Affleck type scenes to pull the audience in a little more. Play with music to heighten emotional engagements. And I’d like to see more one-on-one connection between the two of them. All in all, these guys did a nice job and I think it’s the start of something rooted in a promising foundation.

They have one last show at The Public House Theatre on Thursday, February 27th at 10pm. You can get your tickets here.

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