REVIEW: Anarchy – An Improvised Rock Opera @ Studio BE

Bold. Daring. Talented.

Anarchy: An Improvised Rock OperaAnarchy: An Improvised Rock Opera blew my mind. If you’re a fan of musical improv, you must see this show. If you even like improv a little bit, you must see this show.

This group of nine performers, including musical director, Brad Kemp, rightfully deserve the standing ovation they have received night after night. This show could be described as the offspring of RENT and Baby Wants Candy nannied by Improvised Shakespeare. Taking the suggestion of “The Great Wall of China,” they crafted at least seven different story lines based off of relationships that they all tied back together by the end of the hour long show. With deep-rooted callbacks and perfectly timed, yet unexpected, one-liners, this performance was not only rich with substance, but also boasted of pure talent and smart comedic relief.

It’s entertaining to observe how make-believe can be so far-fetched but yet entirely relatable at the same time. With underlying themes such as wealth, family, adventure, love, loss, curiosity and identity crisis, Anarchy not only challenged my imagination by taking me to a world far away, but strummed my heartstrings with sincere moments of compassion and tickled my laughter with great commitment to intelligent, dry wit. I also appreciated that they, appropriately, closed the show with the a song whose refrain was, “known when it’s time to go.”

This cast is dynamite. Everyone adds something to the show, but a few are clear stand-outs. Brad Kemp, musical director, should receive a standing ovation throughout the entire show. I’m serious. I’m not sure how I’ve never seen him before, but I will make a concerted effort to do so in the future. Michael Silver took some time to win me over, but in the end, I realized his contributions alone were one of the greatest factors that elevated the status of the entire show. I deem Brandon Price the most comedic and strategic Captain Obvious and a king of straight-man humor. His dry, honest delivery won me over in spades. Bri Fitzpatrick is not only stunning, but brings a slightly cynical twist to her characters, revealing truths that we commonly don’t wish to unveil. However, without a doubt, Andi Sharavsky stole the show. Without intention, but with absolute certainty, this lady is a powerhouse and an unreckoned force. She could easily jump into the cast of Baby Wants Candy or The Deltones tomorrow and could hold her own without question.

I’ll be honest. I was apprehensive to be invited to a show dubbed an “improvised rock opera.” I was also apprehensive that I’d never seen anyone in this show before. I could not be happier that I went. I love improv. I’m fascinated by musical improv. But the volume of sheer selfless collaboration and support these individuals whole-heartedly provide one another is unparalleled. I will be keeping an eye on all of these performers as I know it’s only a matter of time before they skyrocket to the top.

Get your tickets to Anarchy: An Improvised Rock Opera for this Thursday at Studio BE, as it is the last day of the run. Don’t miss this show. I wish I would’ve had the chance to see it sooner.

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