REVIEW: Adsit & Eveleth @ Chicago Improv Festival

Improv Greatness

Adsit and EvelethScott Adsit and Jet Eveleth are no strangers to improv. So when the two of them team up, you expect greatness and that’s what they brought to the stage Wednesday at Second City for the third day of the Chicago Improv Festival.

They asked for a suggestion of something you’re attracted to but might be afraid to admit. The suggestion “manly women” was heard first and the show began. Adsit sat in the corner grunting as Eveleth proceeded to admit to not meeting standards. Then Adsit announced he was her mother (when I think the crowd was pretty sure he was a lumberjack man). He told her she was his ballerina doll and to be a lady like her mother. Eveleth said she didn’t want to be like her mom and that the kids at school always tease her. Why? They always say, “Your house must be real dammed up because it’s full of dikes.” Adsit remembers when he used to be pretty, but he’s just handsome now. They flashback to Adsit as a sexy stewardess and Eveleth reveals she always thought he was in the airforce. Adsit leaves the scene stating that Eveleth was the “best son a woman could have.”

The next scene moves into an awkward party where no one else has showed up. It was established that Eveleth was a sketch artist for the police, but she said she wanted to do more caricatures and that the last sketch she did wasn’t appreciated because she drew the rapist with a dildo in his hand.

Another scene included Eveleth attempting to hand over her plane ticket to enter a plance but couldn’t find her ticket. She proceeded to unpack her purse, entire suitcase and dive into the suitcase searching for this ticket. She then dove into the actual clothes she was wearing and then asked Adsit if he had her ticket. Just to check, she proceeded to dive into his shirt to check. The scene closed with Adsit asking if it was her first time flying. She responded, “Yeah. On a plane?”

A scene between life-long neighbors emerged with a daughter who was all grown up and back from Afghanistan catching the attention of her recently widowed neighbor. Riddled with sexual innuendoes and tension this grew to the point where they were about to enter his house so he could lay her on his bed and do all the things he had been thinking about for the last five years. She replied with a few clever metaphors to which he said, “If those are metaphors for something, they are blindingly unobvious to me. I’m generally not good at those.”

The show ended with a couple lost in Rome and in their search for the museum, they paraded throughout the audience and had a breakdown about how Eveleth’s character didn’t know how to have fun. Once they ended up back on stage, Adsit took the role of an Italian looking to help her and she jumped on the back of his Vespa with the wind blowing in her hair.

Such a beautiful show from the both of them. They will both be playing together again this evening with Jimmy Jet Johnnie and special guest Scott Adsit. So don’t miss this opportunity to see them on stage again!

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