NEWS: National Sketch Writing Month Comes to Chicago

30 Days of Funny

NaSkeWriMoGet your funniest material ready, folks because September is National Sketch Writing Month (NaSkeWriMo). It is an offshoot of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWrMo), which is a 30 day challenge to help writers get their creative juices flowing. NaSkeWriMo is similiar, but the goal here is to write 30 sketches in 30 days.

The idea to bring NaSkeWriMo to Chicago comes from Angie McMahon of Under the Gun Theater. She heard of a group of writers at UCB in New York starting the sketch writing challenge, so she decided to bring the fun to Chicago.

“My partner at Under the Gun, Kevin Mullaney, worked at UCB for many years as Artistic Director and then head of the Training Center,” McMahon said. “He told me how big and wonderful of a celebration NaSkeWriMo is in NY. So, I decided to bring some of that love to Chicago with a big push this year.”

In October, Under the Gun Theater will present a night of scenes written from the challenge (location and time TBD). Sound fun? Learn more about the national challenge and then join the Chicago chapter.

Happy writing!

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