NEWS: Improv Benefit for Ferguson @ The Playground Theater

Laugh for a Good Cause

APlayground Theater key rule of improv is agreeing with the situation your fellow improvisers present. In light of the violence in Ferguson, Missouri, this Friday, The Playground Theater is putting on a benefit show with no disagreements or fighting allowed on stage. Please join in on promoting the peace this weekend as The Playground hosts Keeping the Peace: An Improv Benefit.

The show will raise money for kids in Ferguson who generally receive subsidized lunches. These kids have not been able to receive their lunches for the past two weeks, due to the situation in their town.

The benefit is this Friday, August 22 at 8 pm. Two Playground house teams will open, and then they will play improv games based around the fundraising element. Proceeds from the event will go directly to the Greater St. Louis Area Food Bank, which will send food to those kids in the Ferguson-Florissant areas. For more information, check out the Playground Theater’s website.

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