What is LAFS?

Life’s A Funny Scene (LAFS) is a Chicago comedy blog inspired by improv’s affects on daily life, founded by Kiley Peters. When she first started improv, a wise man told her it would change her life and he was right. The art of improv, in its simplest form, is based on the concept of “yes and.” This translates into accepting everything as a truth and adding to it. How does this translate to life? By accepting all situations (within reason), you open yourself up to countless new experiences and incredible people. Taking the opportunity to add value to every situation ultimately leads to living a very fulfilling life.

So based on that concept, Kiley created this blog as a centralized, neutral resource for the Chicago comedy community. It includes interviews, shows, reviews, comedy resources and more. Thank you for visiting, however, as of Friday September 5, 2014, LAFS will no longer be an active comedy resource. It’s been a great two years, but all good things must come to an end. So please enjoy the content as is and continue supporting the comedy community.

Kiley Peters_LAFSKiley Peters


Kiley is a Wisconsin native, digital marketer and has always been enamored with the entertainment industry. She has a bachelor’s degree and a decade’s worth of on-and-off behind the camera writing, directing, producing and editing.

In 2012, she began studying improv at iO Chicago and fell head over heels in love. With her background in digital marketing and this newfound passion for improv, she created LAFS and launched it September 5, 2012.

As for life outside of LAFS, Kiley a Marquette University alum and is currently pursuing her MBA at University of Illinois at Chicago. She is also the Online Marketing Manager for The Second City, comedy writer for Choose Chicago’s Live Like A Local blog and CEO/Owner of KAYPE Productions & Consulting, LLC. Follow Kiley on Twitter at @kileypeters.

You can contact Kiley directly at kiley@lifesafunnyscene.com.

Cameron Scheetz_LAFSCameron Scheetz


Cameron is an Ohio native with four years of experience in entertainment marketing and has taken up a particular interest in the Chicago comedy community. Cameron joined LAFS in January of 2014 and is a tremendous asset. He is responsible for coordinating show review requests, helping to build out and update LAFS resource pages and upcoming initiatives as well as every day operations management. He is also the Office Administrator at The Onion, so if you stop by, make sure to say “hi.”

He’s a big fan of Jeni’s Ice Cream. Just ask him. Follow Cameron on Twitter at @cameronscheetz.



Michael Jordan_LAFSMichael Jordan


Michael Shepherd Jordan joined LAFS in April of 2014 and manages the Shows Page as well as its sister website, My Chicago Comedy.

A native of Tennessee, Michael moved to Chicago in 2008 to pursue theater and Advertising. After a short stint, he discovered improv and sketch and has been living in the make-em-ups world ever since. He is a graduate of the Annoyance, iO, and The Second City Conservatory training programs. You can see him performing with his sketch troupe Cake-n-Hatred, the professional music improv troupe Infamints, his podcast Podcastaways about three guys trapped on a deserted island.

Yes, his name is Michael Jordan, and yes, he dominated church league basketball growing up. Follow Michael on Twitter at @mshepjordan.


Brynne Ramella_LAFSBrynne Ramella


Brynne Ramella joined LAFS in July of 2014 as the Social Media Coordinator.

Her love of comedy began at age 11, when she first saw Saturday Night Live and it has been a love affair that’s lasted a lifetime. Brynne has three years of experience in comedy journalism. She is a contributing writer to Splitsider and MilwaukeeComedy.com but her experience stems from her extensive involvement with Marquette University’s premier improv troupe.

Brynne is excited to be back in Chicago and working with LAFS to help spread the word about Chicago’s comedy scene. She hopes this position will get her one step closer to working for Jimmy Fallon.

But then again, who doesn’t? Follow Brynne on Twitter at @brynneramella.