INTERVIEW: Charna Halpern

The Mother of Improv Comedy I first fell in love with improv at iO's Clark Street location. iO changed my life, but my story is not unlike many others. Charna created a world at iO that many call "home" and it has become the center of their universe. Charna Halpern is one of the most influential people in improv, has paved the path for hundreds of comedians over the last few Read More

Remembering Robin Williams

A Legend Lost Too Soon Robin Williams touched many lives. He reminds me of my father in a lot of ways, so I've always felt some sort of special connection to Robin Williams. He was a brilliant talent who enlightened lives with laughter, love, curiosity, sincerity and a natural sense of playfulness. He truly was one of a kind and will be greatly missed. Sleep tight Mr. Williams, thank you Read More

VIDEO: Samples by Dummy

Smart Comedy from Dummy Improv duo and real-life couple Colleen Doyle and Jason Shotts are known around Chicago for their long-running iO show Dummy. The funny pair has now reached an audience slightly bigger than Chicago - Funny or Die. The comedy website currently hosts a web series they've produced, with each one as hilarious as the last. Check them all out here and reserve your ticket for the next Read More

INTERVIEW: Tara DeFrancisco

The Biggest Heart in Improv Last January, as in January of 2013, I finally found a chance to sit down and chat with Miss Tara DeFrancisco -- which turned into a three hour interview about life, improv and how the world goes 'round. As time has flown by, it is with my sincerest apologies that this is just now being posted for the first time. However, it is a Read More

Patiently Awaiting the New iO

A New Improv Home With iO closing its Clark Street location two weeks ago, the Chicago comedy community is patiently awaiting the opening of their new improv home. In light of our patience, here's a bit about what the LAFS team is most looking forward in regards to the new iO. CAMERON SCHEETZ Everyone within the comedy community has been talking about iO's big move for months, but I'm thrilled about the press Read More

The Last Harolds

A Heartfelt Goodbye Last Saturday, the Chicago comedy community said farewell to iO's famous 3541 N Clark Street location. It was a send off like no other, but isn't that what we all expected? On a good night at iO, it’s packed. People sitting right up to the stage, a full bar and groups seated in the back corner, all patiently awaiting a night of great improv. Last Saturday night was no Read More

UPDATE: LAFS Announces New Six New Team Members

6 Times the LAFS I am very excited to announce we have brought on six new people to the LAFS team! Please welcome to the team Erin Lann, Dan DeSalva, Fran Hoepfner, Hannah Levy and Kana Felix to the writing team and Dan Schiffmacher will be assisting with video production and photography. Please join us in welcoming them to the team! As LAFS continues to expand we needed more manpower to tend Read More

NEWS: Second City Reveals Cast & Crew for 103rd Mainstage Revue

New Faces Hit Mainstage Today, The Second City announced the new cast and crew for the Mainstage's 103rd Revue. Congratulations to returning ensemble members Chelsea Devantez, John Hartman and Emily Walker as well as new cast members Paul Jurewicz, Daniel Strauss and Christine Tawfik. Jeff Award Winning Director, Ryan Bernier, returns to direct his third resident stage revue. Craig Taylor will be Stage Manager and Jacob Shuda will be making his Musical Directoral debut on a Read More

UPDATE: Welcome Brynne Ramella

Social Media Guru Please join us in welcoming Brynne Ramella to the LAFS team as the Social Media Coordinator! Brynne will be helping to manage LAFS' social media accounts along with assisting in posting news and updates about the Chicago comedy community. Brynne is an essential addition to the LAFS team as we continue to grow and produce more and more content. Brynne has been on my radar since last Fall when she reached Read More

Improv In Wrigleyville

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iO Moved But Improv Still Remains

improvThe Belmont CTA stop offers access to a lot of great improv theaters, but plenty of people are still getting off at Addison. Despite the departure of iO, Lakeview still has an active improv scene and I’ll tell you why.

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REVIEW: Do You Want A Sandwich @ The Playground Theater

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Hungry for Romance

Do You Want A SandwichDo You Want a Sandwich is an open-hearted, multi-media, one-man show soaked in vulnerability, written and performed by the talented Josh Lanzet. If you’re at all frustrated about why you haven’t yet found “the one,” commiserate with Josh as he recalls his past failed dating escapades and the lessons he’s learned along the way.  Read More

The Chicago Improv Den

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Chicago’s Newest Improv Theatre

CID logoThe Chicago Improv Den (CID), which officially opened Spring of this year, offers the rare chance to study improv with small class sizes, built-in performances and an incredibly hands-on owner and founder, Dina Facklis. On the theater’s website they make it clear that they are not a “replacement for iO, The Second City, CIC or the Annoyance” but rather an “advanced supplemental training program.” Read More

Jangleheart Recommendations

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A Tangle of Talent.

JangleheartThis weekend Jangleheart Circus takes over The Den Theatre for the second time with over 80 shows scheduled. The team from Upstairs Gallery has put together a knock-out festival and every show looks amazing. I pulled out a few shows I’m recommending below, but I know I’m leaving out a number of must-sees. Take these recommendations as you may, but definitely go to this festival – a ton of great shows.

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NEWS: Improv Benefit for Ferguson @ The Playground Theater

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Laugh for a Good Cause

APlayground Theater key rule of improv is agreeing with the situation your fellow improvisers present. In light of the violence in Ferguson, Missouri, this Friday, The Playground Theater is putting on a benefit show with no disagreements or fighting allowed on stage. Please join in on promoting the peace this weekend as The Playground hosts Keeping the Peace: An Improv Benefit.

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